The Best Cheap Rugged Smartphones for 2020 – waterproof & shockproof Phone

Best cheap rugged smartphone is the best choice for whoom, those are just want to try rugged smartphone for first time. Because, it is not smart to invest ton of money without knowing its potentiality. If you are looking for just play with it or hardly need a rugged phone for very few reasons then that will be better to get a cheaper one to try.To ensure you, rugged phones are tough and compatible for any weather conditions. It can survive dropping on the water or leaving out in the ice cold weather.

As you can guess, there are lot of rugged phone in the market. But Since you are looking for something in cheap and yet want to get the best one. It gets hard to find the best suitable one for you. So, here is well researcher 10 best cheap rugged smartphone list that may gonna help you to get the best one as you desiring.

Ulefone Armor X6

Ulefone Armor X6

Let’s start the list of cheap durable phone with Ulefone Armor X6. The features we all looking in a rugged smartphone this smarpthone contains all of them. Yet it is very cheap and good in performance too. Because of the low budget range you can’t expect a flagship level performance in here. But according to its price range it has well justified specs that for sure. It is better to give you an idea about how hard and tough smartphone it is. Well it has iP68 rated protection for water and dust protection. And, that is gonna save your phone from maximum 1.5 meter depth water for 30 minutes long. Specially if you are fisherman then it may help a lot. And, for the dropping on concrete and other solid surfaces, it has military standard 810G rated protection certification. That ensures there will be no problem at all if you drop your phone from 1.2 m of height which is a usually ideal height of dropping phone in general.

This phone has MediaTek 6580  CPU for performance. That runs on android 9.0 pie operating system. With 2GB Ram and 16GB internal storage it is not bad at all for cheap range phone. And, its memory expandable capabiliy lets you to increase storage as well.

Also, 8MP back camera and 5MP front camera provides decent quality pictures. And, a 5 inch IPS LCD HD resolution display shows almost accurate color with enough brighness as well.

All of these features make it the best cheap smartphone along with that highest durability features.

BLU Tank Xtreme

BLU Tank Xtreme

Another good quality smartphone that deserve to take place in this list. But there is not that much to offer also not less to offer too.

if we talk about the design first it is pretty good and well-maintained design. looks pretty good and strong also. Also, that fingerprint sensor on the back is a bonus and essential feature.

As for the rugged features, obviously it came with IP68 Rated protection for the water and dust. That means, it can survive under 1.5M depth of water for 30 minutes. But, there is no mention of certification for drop test and weather test. As a rugged phone that should be good also.

In the performance section, it comes with a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor with a combination of 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. Also, you can expand that storage up to 64GB via micro SD card. That hardware runs on Android 9 Pie operating system.

Well. this phone has 5.5 inch IPS LCD display on the front with corning gorilla glass protection.

In the camera section, it has dual back camera starting with 13MP camera and a depth sensor camera. On the front it has 8MP selfie camera as well.

As for the battery it comes with 4200mAh battery with fast charging capability.

Blackview BV5500 pro

Blackview BV5500 Pro

As you can guess from the name it is upgraded version of BV5500 with slightly larger RAM size and other criteria. But as a rugged smartphone it offers everything that we can expect. Such as IP68 rated water and dust protection. That means it can survive 1.5 meter under water for 30 minutes without damaging the phone. And IP69K rating, which reflects capability of surviving in different weather condition such as hot temperature or ice cold temperature etc. Also MIL-STD 810G certification proofs how durable phone will be. It can easily survive daily uses dropping test without any problem at all.

In the performance section, this phone comes with decent specs too. It has a large 5.5 inch IPS LCD display. That has 720P resolution. Well you can’t expect a better display than that in this price range. And, it has MediaTek MT6739 processor with 3GB RAM. That runs on android 9.0 pie operating system. And, a 16GB storage should work perfectly for this cheap rugged smartphone. But if you want you can expand that through a Micro SD card.

Moreover, it has 8MP back camera and 5MP front camera. That is not up to the mark based on the current smartphones. But, if you think about its price and compare with other rugged phones then you will see this is a pretty good setup.

And a 4400 mAh should work fine for at least a day.


Doogee S40 Lite

No doubt to claim that DOOGEE is one of the best rugged smartphone brands. And, they produce finest quality rugged smartphone which doing very good in the market. And, customers are satisfied too. this DOOGE S40 lite can be the best option for cheap rugged phone.

For any rugged phone, rugged features are very important to take care. And, like any other rugged smartphone it has everything that you can expect. Starting with IP 68 rated water and dust proof. That will allow you to not worry about any accidental water damage issue. Also, IP69K rating for protection against any harsh weather including high temperature or frozen temperature. This phone will run perfectly without any problem in these weather condition. In terms of hardness or durability this phone has Military standard 810G rated certification for drop and shockproof.

Well, the price went cheaper due to lower specs in others. Such as it has 2GB ram and 16GB ROM. That may seems very small but well justified according to its cost. If you willing to expand your phone storage then you can do that with external SD card. And, this phone runs on a quad core processor with ARM mali MP-2 GPU. Well, this hardware combination runs on android 9 Pie operating system.

And, its dual rear camera ( 8 MP + 5 MP ) will provide a decent quality picture as well. As for the battery, it has 4650 mAh battery to give you excellent battery backup.

Cubot KingKong CS

Cubot KingKong CS

This is the first rugged phone that came with latest android 10 operating system. And, according to its budget it has decent features too.

Although this is rugged phone but looks almost like any normal smartphone that is the clear intention of good design idea.

But that doesn’t mean it sacrifice any of its rugged features. Still it comes with same durability and sturdy that you can expect from a cheap rugged phone.

Talking about rugged durability, this is an IP68 rated waterproof. And, as they claimed it can survive on any drop test. Although the durability level is not mentioned I hope it should be Mil-STD 810G. As for the weather protection it can run on -35° to 60° celsius temperature.

And, for the performance it came with MediaTek 6580 processor. In the cheap range we should call it decent processor. Combine with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM I think this is a pretty good setup according to its budget range. And as I mentioned in the beginning it came with latest android 10 operating system.

There is 5″ HD display in the front not that great in quality but enough for a rugged phone.

Also, this phone has 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera to capture sharp and good quality images as well.

Combine with 4400 mAh battery it can run pretty well without any doubt.

Ulefone Armor X7

Ulefone Armor X7 camera

Another rugged phone from Ulefone for our cheap rugged phone list. I really like this smartphone.

The reason to like this smartphone lies in its design. This black colour phone with white stripe looks very good. And, rubbery grip back with thick corner prevents from shock as well.

As for the rugged phone you are eager to know about its durability. I will give full marks for that. For water and dust protection it has IP68 rated protection. And this IP69K rated weather protection can survive in any harsh climate situation and keep your phone alive and connected.

Same thing goes for durability too. It has MIL-STD 810G rated protection too.

Well, it has 5 inch display on the front for clean and sharp viewing.

For good performance, it has MediaTek Helio A20 processor combine with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. If you want you can expand that storage up to 128GB via a memory card. There is a dedicated memory card slot on the phone. That hardware runs on latest Android 10 operating system.

And for capturing image it has 13MP back camera and 5MP front camera as well. That is enough for a cheap rugged phone.

Well, it came with all necessary sensors including NFC for google pay.

But battery is slightly less power than others. It has 4000 mAh battery in it.

Cubot KingKong MiNi

Cubot KingKong MiNi

From the name you can guess that it is a small size rugged phone. But that doesn’t compromise with the features and performance at all. On the contrary, it has everything better than its competitors.

Well starting with the design. It is pretty much straight forward design nothing fancy and special about it. With a 4″ QHD+ display on the front it is good but small in size.

As for the rugged features, it is slightly less according others. It can prevents water but not that much and there is no mention for IP68 or any other rating. But I guess as they claimed it is a rugged phone it should be able to survive extreme weather condition than normal smartphone.

Well, in the performance section this one played very well. Comes with MediaTek 6761 processor with power VR GE8300 GPU. Also, it has 3GB RAM with 32GB internal storage. There is a chance to increase storage up to 128 GB via a micro SD card.

And this hardware runs on Android 9 Pie operating system. With some tweaks for rugged phone.

Well, it has 13MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera for taking pictures.

But it has just 2000 mAh battery. According to the size it should be run better and for long time. Though I have a doubt about that.


Cubot Quest

Back to back mention for CUBOT phone. That proves CUBOT is one of the best rugged phone producer in the market right now.

Well, according to the design I would give it full marks. Actually I like this design. And it comes with a custom button that you can set for anything. For example, you can set that for emergency call in any situation.

It is an IP68 rated rugged phone with a strong body than any normal smartphone. But according to other rugged phones, it is a minimal and less strong phone. But I think it can survive

And, this is the first phone of this list comes with octa-core processor. It has MediaTek 6762 processor combine with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. Also, you can expand that storage up to 128GB via a micro SD card. With android 9 pie operating system it is a pretty good setup.

Well, it has 5.5 inch display on the front with corning gorilla glass protection.

And, it has 12MP Sony IMX back camera combine with a 2 MP secondary camera as well. On the front side it has an 8MP camera as well.

In the same way, it came with 4000 mAh battery for keeping this phone alive for at least 2 days.

Also, I should mention the NFC technology in this smartphone.

Blackview BV6100

Blackview BV6100

This is totally unbelievable features for this price range. I guess most of the normal smartphone can not provide this performance according to it price.

Design wise this phone clearly shows that it made for being strong and survive any weather condition. Mostly metal frame with hard plastic made body. But the button position seems okay. And, the touch ID is a bonus feature.

Well, as for the rugged and strength features, it has everything that you can ask for. Starting with IP68 rated water and dust protection. Then IP69K rated weather protection that can allow phone to run on 0° C temperature also. Because of the MIL-STD 810G grade it can survive or I should say bare any normal drop and absorb shock as well.

Well it has a bit 6.88 inch IPS LCD display. Clearly winner according display for this list so far.

As for the performance, it packed with MediaTek Helio A22 processor and 3GB RAM with 16GB internal storage. And, it runs on Android 9 Pie operating system.

Well, it has NFC support for google pay and other services.

And, there are 8MP and 0.2 MP dual camera setup on the back of this cheap rugged phone and another 8MP camera on the front for taking selfie as well.

Of course this huge size display requires huge power. For that reason it came with 5580 mAh battery.



And in the number one we have none other that OUKITEL WP5 the budget king and best for any rugged phone according to its price range.

Its metal frame body it plastic cover and thick corner shows how hard this phone can be. With three camera and touch ID on the back and a large display on the front it is a solid design for rugged phone.

Well, how strong this phone? It has everything that you can expect from a rugged phone. Starting with IP68Rated water and dustproof. You can swim at 1.5 depth of water for 30 minutes. And it can run on -55°C to 75°C temperature. Also it has MIL-STD 810 rated drop protection too.

And, it has 5.5 inch IPS LCD display on the front of the phone. Looks pretty good in color accuracy and sharpness.

It comes with MediaTek 6761 quad-core processor on under the hood with 4GB RAM with 32GB internal storage as well. That runs on Android 9 operating system.

Well, it has 13MP, 2MP, and 2MP total three camera on the back. That can capture best quality image that for sure.

And, this rugged phone has 8000 mAh massive battery as like this is powerbank.

Also, comes with NFC and touch ID too.


That was the list of 10 best cheap rugged phone. According to the price range I think you can expect anything more than what these phone offering to you. If you are rugged lover then you should get that how good these phone are! Most of the phone cost somewhere around 100 USD. With this cheap budget these phone offers durability, good performance and good battery. That should be enough to convince you to get any of these phone for your rugged phone.