Top 10 Best Cheap Rugged Smartphone Under $200 in 2020

Do you have several, very fancy SIM numbers and accounts? If the answer is yes. Then decide to get a rugged smartphone for work since having had a bit of mishap with one of the phones at work (dropped into the puddle and more or less killed microphone, apart from small “indent” on the screen). Don’t think about the budget. There are a lot of well-known brands out there that provide a high-performance rugged smartphone at a reasonable price.

You are buying a smartphone under $200, and it doesn’t mean you are buying a cheap quality handset. The renowned Chinese brands have put a stunning feature on that handset. They will create a chance to enjoy around you anytime, anywhere. If you love fishing and your smartphone drop into the water, it doesn’t mean you have lost your phone. The IP68 feature has made your smartphone resistant against dust and water. Military-grade will protect your smartphone from extreme shock, high temperature, and even from frozen cold.

Not a gamer, care just about functional specs, but would appreciate IP68 protection; must- Dual SIM; 5″+ screen (not too concerned about resolution); 5MP+ camera; 1.3GHZ+ CPU; 3GB+ RAM; 32GB+ internal memory; Flash-light : 3000mAh + battery. We have bought all those features under consideration and surveyed different brands on this flagship and presented you with the top 10 best-rugged smartphones under $200. Let’s find them out.

Searching for a smartphone that suits all your requirements is quite a tough job. And it becomes more when you are looking for a rugged smartphone since you are not that familiar with this new era of smartphones.
It’s time to be confident because your favorite rugged phone reviewer is back. In this review of the best rugged smartphone under $200, we are going to lock down the top 10 rugged smartphones of the decade.

Detailed Review of Top 10 Best Rugged Smartphone Under $200

As while buying a rugged phone, durability, and IP68 and MIL-STD-810 G ratings matter a lot, we disclose the feature in every phone. Besides, all the phones are nominated based on their performance compared to the regular smartphone at a similar budget.

10.Ulefone Armor X6

+ Powerful chipset
+ Fast enough CPU
+ Fine picture quality
+ Very price efficient

Average battery backup
Low RAM and ROM

Ulefone Armor X6
  • Protection Grade: IP68/IP69K
  • Water-proof: 1.5m deepwater for 30 minutes
  • Dust-proof: 1m deep concrete for 24 hours
  • Drop-proof: 1.2m height
  • OS: Android 9.0
  • CPU: MediaTek MT6580 Processor
  • RAM/ROM: 2GB/16GB
  • Battery: 4000mAh
  •  Rear camera: 8MP
  •  Front camera: 5MP
  • Screen size: 5.0 inch

You cannot mess with Ulefone Armor X6 because every time people asked for something more, the company brought up a new model of rugged phone with more high configurations. Our last contender is no more different.
First of all, the Armor X6 is IP68 rated for its dust, drop, and water protection quality. In addition, the MIL-STD-810G compliant budget rugged phone can sustain any damage from drop up to 1.2 meters. Also, it can survive under 1.5 meters of water for around 30 minutes.
It has 5 inches of display, which is the design demand compromise in our thought. But in anyway, the IPS LCD touchscreen performs smoother than Ulefone’s previous models.
They have upgraded the chipset to Mediatek MT6580 with a Quad-core 1.3 GHz CPU to provide you faster performance.

Since the price tag is a little down here, you have to negotiate with the cameras. It has an8MP camera with dual-LED flash and a 5MP front-facing camera. But the overall qualities of both cameras are not too bad.
Another unfortunate feature of the phone is its 4000 mAh Li-Po battery, which is non-removable. We would say even some premium phones do not have that much power. Thus, still, it’s not a bad deal.

9.Cubot King Kong 3

+ Smoother performance
+ IP68/IP69, MIL-STD-810G approved
+ Impressive camera quality
+ Heavy-duty battery

No headphone jack
Not for high-end gaming

Cubot King Kong 3
  • Waterproof : 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes
  • Dustproof : 99%
  • Drop-proof : 6 Face Anti-dropping
  • Temperature : -30°C to 60°C
  • Processor : (P23) 2.5GHz,Octa-core
  • Ram and ROM : 4GB +6 4GB
  • Display size : 5.5-inch
  • Display resolution : 720 x 1440
  • Rear camera : 16MP + 2MP
  • Aperture : ƒ/ 2.2
  • Front camera : 13MP
  • Aperture : ƒ/ 2.2
  • Battery : 6000mAh
  • Network : 2G.3G,4G

Cubot is known for producing quite a few budget smartphones with powerful performance and King Kong 3 is one of the latest offerings. With Parsi rugged design, excellent specifications and a massive battery, it became themost robust contender of today’s review.

Firstly, the phone ships with an Helio P23 CPU, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of expandable storage. The gaming performance is kind of mediocre. You should expect to see quite a bit of stutter in games like Assault Extreme. But for mid-range games, it will show supreme performance, for app performance as well.
The Cubot King Kong 3 has a body that can take a beating as the phone is shockproof, water-resistant, and dustproof. Thanks to the IP68 certification.

On the contrary, the device is relatively thin and compact because it has a massive 6000 mAh battery. It was able to get over 16 hours of screen-on time on a single charge.
We have to admit that he display may not have the highest resolution out there, but it’ s pretty sharp and a nice screen for a budget device.

Another notable feature included is the dual-camera system on the back that consists of a 16 and 2-megapixel sensor. Besides, a 13-megapixel shooter on the front, LED notification light and a hybrid dual sim card slot are there.

8.Doogee S40

+ The immense level of durability
+ All kind of protection
+ Decent camera
+ Extraordinary visual feast

Low internal storage

Doogee S40

At number six of our best rugged smartphone under $200, we have the new Dooge S40. This is a budget rugged smartphone with an IP68 rating, NFC, big battery and lots more.
The smartphone is made from a polycarbonate body with a reinforced metal frame, and since it is IP68 certified, you can go underwater up to 1.5 meters. It can withstand drops; it’s dust, water, and shockproof. In any sense, this is designed to be an ultra-durable rugged smartphone.

On the front, we have a 5.5 inch IPS LCD screen with a 195 pixels per inch. And you do have 18:9 aspect ratios with a low resolution of 480 * 960. But you do have a Gorilla Glass for protection.
There is a MediaTek6739 CPU to enhance the phone performance with 2 gigs of RAM and 16 gigs of internal storage. There is also a micro SD card slot to expand the storage further.

Now, on the back, we have a dual-camera setup with 8 megapixels and 5 megapixels. And also, on the front, we have 8 megapixels of the camera. Thus, you can shoot a maximum of 1080p video with the rear cameras and 720p with the front one.

7.Blackview BV6100

+ Huge display size
+ Budget rugged smartphone
+ Satisfying notch position
+ Underwater photography

Big bezel
Display resolution no specified

  • Waterproof : 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes
  • Dustproof : 24 hours 1 M concrete deep
  • Drop-proof : 1.2 meters
  • Temperature : -20°C to 60°C
  • Ram and ROM : 3GB + 16GB SD card Up to 128GB
  • Battery : 5580 mAh
  • Display size : 6.88-inch
  • Display resolution : 640*1352
  • Rear camera : 8MP+0.3MP
  • Aperture : f2.4/f2.8
  • Front camera : 5MP
  • Aperture : f2.4
  • Processor (CPU) : MT6761 up to 2.0GHz
  • Network : 2 4G/3G/2G

As you know, the latest trend among the rugged phone is a notch above the display. However, the Chinese manufacturer Blackview went berserk and introduced the biggest rugged phone, Blackview BV6100 with a 6.88 screen. Also, the new phone has a notch in the top right corner, which is very unusual.
As you understand, the BV6100’s main feature is the display. It is diagonal, but there is no information about screen resolution. Most likely, it will be full HD.
Unlike a regular looking rugged phone, it has a glass back panelthough there is a protective frame, which is made of metal. The corners are rubberized to avoid damage.

In the rear panel, you can see the dual camera and flashlight. Blackview BV6100 has a fingerprint reader on the right side. There’s a camera button also. Nevertheless, another shortcut button is placed on the opposite. The phone has a USB Type-C port but there is no 3.5 mm audio jack.
You can also find a notch in the front upper right panel. The manufacturer says that this notch location allows playing games with a more comfortable view.
Since it’s a rugged phone, it has all predictive standards such as IP68/IP69 and MIL-STD-810G. The certification enables the phone to do underwater photography as well. Italso withstands high and low temperatures.

6.Ulefone Armor X3

IP68 and MIL-STD-810G rated
Allows underwater photography
Rich CPU hardware

–  The average quality of lowlight snaps
–  Low RAM

Ulefone Armor X3
  • Waterproof : 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes
  • Dustproof : 24 hours 1 M concrete deep
  • Drop-proof : 1.2 meters
  • Temperature : -20°C to 60°C
  • Ram and ROM : 2GB + 32GB
  • Battery : 5000mAh
  • Network : Dual Nano-SIM slots Supports 3G/2G
  • Display size : 5.5-inch diagonal
  • Display resolution : 1440×720 
  • Display Type : LCD Multi-Touch with IPS technology
  • Rear camera : 8MP +2MP
  • Aperture : ƒ/1.8
  • Front camera : 5MP
  • Aperture : ƒ/2.0
  • Processor : Quad(4) Core up to 1.3GHz

Ulefone Armor X3 stands out itself among other rugged smartphones with the new era of underwater photography. Having this smartphone will not only cut down the cost of a GoPro camera but also gives you other mind boggling specs.
It comes with the dual rear camera – 8 MP and 2 MP. On the other hand, there is a 5 MP camera in the front. While using it for underwater shoots, make sure to turn on the mode. The underwater snaps will also impress you besides the regular one in daylight.

The military-standard phone is certified through IP68 rating and MIL-STD-810G. So, be assured, it will be safe in the extreme environment and after getting risky damages.
An only unexpected feature of the phone is its two gigs of RAM. Otherwise, it has 32 GB of flash storage, which is quite acceptable. Its MT6580 consisted of Cortex A7 CPU allows a flawless performance while having regular uses.
Since the bezel sizes are a bit big, it will interrupt the watching experience. Or else, the 1440 * 720 resolution is at the level of satisfaction.

5.Cubot Quest Lite

+  HD display
+  IP68 verified  ,Waterproof
+  Better performance compared to the price

–  Less powerful battery
–  Not much design options

Cubot Quest Lite
  • Waterproof : 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes
  • Dustproof : 99%
  • Drop-proof : 1.5 meter
    Temperature : -40°C to 70°C
  • Ram and ROM : 3GB + 32GB 
  • Battery : 3000mAh
  • Network : 2 Nano-SIM; Supports 4G/3G/2G
  • Display size : 5.0-inch
  • Display resolution : 1280 x 720
  • Rear camera : 13MP + 2MP
  • Aperture : ƒ/ 2.2
  • Front camera : 8MP
  • Processor (CPU) : MT6761, 2.0GHz, Quad-Core

Quest lite is the little brother from the series of Cubot Quest. Everything is similar without the screen size, battery, camera, and also the storage capacity. Let’s follow the review to find out more.
Mostly, the phone stands out for the budget smartphone users who do not require high configurations but requires standard design. The phone offered with two color combos- black and red/black.
The Cubot Quest lite is a rugged smartphone but at a less price. Thus, some compromises are visible if we see the specifications.

First of all, there are 5 inches of display, which is not much problem since the maximum premium smartphone comes with a similar size. You will get 1280 * 720 pixels of HD resolution.
It equipped with the MT6761 processor, which makes your apps and games performance lag-free. To boost up the speed a bit more, there are 3 gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of storage support.
Also, unlike the base model, it came up with a 3000 mAh of battery. For sure, this is the major drawback of this rugged phone.
You will get two decent cameras on the back panel, 13 MP and 2 MP. Besides, there is an 8 MP selfie shooter on the front panel of the phone.

4.Blackview BV5500

IP68/IP69, MIL-STD-810G certified
Smart design
Powerful battery

–  Unpleasant camera quality
–  Low RAM

Blackview BV5500 Pro
  • Waterproof : 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes
  • Dustproof : 99%
  • Drop-proof : 1.2 meters
  • Temperature : -20°C to 60°C
  • RAM and ROM : 2GB +16GB
  • Battery : 4400 mAh,Li-Polymer
  • Network : 2 Nano-SIM; Supports 4G/3G/2G
  • Display size : 5.5-inch
  • Display resolution : 720 x 1440
  • Display Type : IPS
  • Rear camera : 8MP
  • Front camera : 5MP
  • Processor (CPU) : 1300 MHz, Cores: 4

Blackview has always been known for its rugged phones but the BV5500 is undoubtedly one of its cheapest. The device itself is quite attractive at first glance. This is a mean device with mean characteristics that make it a real indestructible powerhouse with the bonus of some decent specs and affordability.

Internally, there’s nothing really to be nor about. You have got 2 gigabytes of RAM and 16 gigabytes of onboard storage. You are however running Android 8.1 Oreo. So, speeds are very satisfying; indeed, overall user experienceis fluent, and multitasking is still handed with ease despite that small RAM. That is probably down to its proper place use of the 1.3 gigahertz Cortex A7 CPU.

On the back, we have Sony’s 8 MP dual camera lenses. Once again, I will try to be honest with you. The video and picture quality is certainly nothing to be amazed about. It’s kind of what you would expect from a phone in this price range. But yes, contrast, sharpness and color quality is not too bad.
What stands out most is the beautiful 5.5 full HD IPS display. Visuals are stunning for both games and videos. Just like expected, to support that stunning screen requirement, there’s a massive 4400 mAh

Its main selling point is clearly its rugged design. It’s been equipped with a full rubber unibody shield that allows complete industrial level protection. Apparently, it meets US strict military standards. Not only can it withstands cold environments but scorching hot too.

3.Doogee S68 Pro

Monster battery with fast charging
Triple camera
Approved by IP68 standard
Superior performance

–  A bit weighty
–  The large screen means heavy battery consumption

Doogee S68 Pro
  • Waterproof  : 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes
  • Dustproof  : 99%
  • Drop-proof  : 1.5 meter
  • Temperature  : -40°C to 60°C
  • RAM and ROM :  6GB + 128GB
  • Battery : 6300 mAh
  • Network : 2 Nano-SIM Supports 4G/3G/2G
  • Display size : 5.9-inch
  • Display resolution : 1080 x2280
  • Rear camera : 21MP  + 8MP +  8MP
  • Aperture : ƒ/ 2.2
  • Front camera : 8.0MP
  • Aperture : F/2.0
  • Processor (CPU) : MediaTek Helio P70

A few months ago, Doogee released the DG95 Pro, which already got lots o recognitions. Now, it’s time for the newly introduced DG68 Pro. So, let’s head into it.
The hardware of the phone consists of Helio P7 CPU, 6 GB RAM, and 128 GB of internal storage. It is, for now, supports IP68 that verifies its toughness against any damages, or shock. And don’t worry about water protection also.

In any sense, this is not like any other rugged phone. The combat standard armored phone comes with features of power, power, and power.
It equipped with a 5.9 inch full HD+ IPS display. For protection, it has a Gorilla Glass. On the back, we got a 21 MP as the primarycamera and two 8 MP cameras as well. And in the front, we have another 16 MP camera for frontline photography or capturing Insta or Snapchat videos.
If weare talking more about the features, the phone ships with an enormous battery capacity of 6300 mAh. Besides, to power up that beast, it has a 24-watt turbocharger. There is a wireless charging facility as well.
Other features included with face ID, fingerprint, and NFC on the phone. So, surely, you are getting more than what you are paying.

2.Ulefone Armor X5

Fast charging
Extensive battery backup
Better camera
Versatile design

–  A bit more pricy than the earlier one

Ulefone Armor X5
  • Waterproof : 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes
  • Dustproof : 99%
  • Drop-proof : 1.2 meter
  • Temperature : 23°C to 90°C
  • RAM and ROM : 3GB +32GB
  • Battery : 5000 mAh
  • Network : 2 Nano-SIM; Supports 4G/3G/2G
  • Display size : 5.5-inch
  • Display resolution : 720 x 1440
  • Display Type : IPS LCD
  • Rear camera : 13MP + 2MP
  • Aperture :  f/1.8
  • Front camera :  5MP
  • Processor (CPU) :  Mediatek MT6763 Helio P23 Octa-core

If you are not pleased with the specifications of the previous Ulefone, theykeep a keen eye on Armor X5. The budget rugged smartphone mostly got people’s attention because of the 5.5-inch display and its attractive design with IP68/IP69 and MIL-STD-810G ratings.

Furthermore, the display quality itself is quite impressive due to having around 16 million colors. You can have fun while watching your favorite TV shows or movies with the 720 * 1440 pixels of resolution. 

The smartphone added with a MediaTek MT6763 Helio P23 chipset and Octa-core CPU that powered up the performance of using apps or games in the 3 GB RAM. For storage purposes, there are 32 GB available also.
And nonetheless, there is a 13 MP and a 2 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camerasto capture every snap with high quality.

1.Oukitel WP5

IP68/IP69 and MIL-STD-810G certified
Faster processor and GPU
Better gaming experience
Power bank of battery

–  Not that much-renowned brand
–  Low MP of rear sub cameras

  • Waterproof : 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes
  • Dustproof : 360 degree
  • Drop-proof : 1.5 meter
  • Temperature : -55°C to 70°C
  • RAM and ROM : 3GB +32GB
  • Battery : 8000 mAh
  • Network : 2 Nano-SIM; Supports 4G/3G/2G
  • Display size : 5.5-inch
  • Display resolution : 480×960
  • Display Type : IPS
  • Rear camera : 13MP + 5MP + 2MP
  • Front camera : 5MP
  • Processor (CPU) : MT6761

Yeah, fellow, the OUKITEL WP5 is one of the most promising battery baked rugged smartphone in the budget range. Using a phone with an 8000 mAh battery means you will get tired of using but the phone will not.
Without the powerful battery backup, the rugged phone is equipped with a triple-camera feature on the rear panel. These are 13 MP, 2 MP and another 2 MP. Most of the people may not find it helpful having a triple camera but the feature is more prevalent in streamers. And nonetheless, there is a 5 MP front camera for selfie shots.

The WP5 is supported by MT6761 CPU and 550 MHz GPU. Therefore, the powerful combo hardware allows you to enjoy multitasking and satisfying gaming experience. No lag, no frame drops.

It won’t happen ever that we are talking about rugged phones,and there is the absence of IP68/IP69, MIL-STD-810G certification. The smartphone got both of them. It has a robust body to protect the phone from extreme heat, water, shock and irritating dust.

We found the face ID and fingerprint unlock features first enough and accurate. The smartphone is built with Android 9, but it is upgradable to Android 10 further.
Finally, there is all kind of outdoor assistance feature like GPS, GLONASS, Geomagnetic, and Compass.

Final Verdict

At the end of our best rugged smartphone under $200 review, we would say, above 10 phones are the most convenient and affordable rugged smartphone with acceptable specifications. Besides, you are getting all of them with IP68/IP69, MIL-STD-810G rating. 

Since the rugged smartphones are just arising, the phone’s price tags are unexpectedly low. Therefore, it’s an opportunity to get yours and win the game.

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