10 Best Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra / S20 Ultra 5G

You spend more than thousands for a phone, it will be foolish not protect that with good quality case. A rugged case for your Samsung galaxy s20 ultra is the perfect protector for your smartphone. It will save your precious phone from dropping, scratching, shock and many more. In short, it is the ultimate protector of your valuable flagship smartphone.

There are lot of rugged protective case for Samsung s20 ultra in the market. But all of them may not give you the best quality protection that you are expecting. To find best quality rugged case for your Samsung can be time consuming. And, you can avoid that by checking our 10 best rugged case for Samsung galaxy s20 ultra 5G list here.

We picked these case based on price, durability, usability , design and so on. So, lets dig into the list.

Ringke Fusion X Case for Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (2020)

ringke Fusion X Case

Ringke is a popular brand for making a protective case for smartphones and other gadgets. And, this Ringke fusion X case for your galaxy s20 ultra can protect your smartphone phone by every aspect. First of all, talk about the design. It looks pretty cool that we can’t deny at all. But that doesn’t affect the protection at all.

This case made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes ). Thi fusion of rubber gives you a good grip in your hand. So, you don’t have to tension about the slipping the phone. Well, if you accidentally drop your phone that wouldn’t be a problem if you put this case in your smartphone.

Ringke Fusion X case extra thick edge is able to protect your phone from any kind of dropping or shock. Well, its raised front lip protects your Samsung galaxy ultra display from any kind of scratch.

And, same think happens with the camera. In the same way, it protects your back camera very well too.

After all of these protections, it doesn’t compromise in performance or features at all. Your phone is still able to take wireless charging while this rugged phone case put on your smartphone.

TORRAS Defender case for Samsung Galaxy Ultra 5G

TORRAS Defender case for s20 ultra

If you don’t want to compromise is phones look and still want to protect your phone from all kind of damages. Then it may be better to have a TORRAS Defender for your Samsung Galaxy Ultra 5G that recently cost lost of money from your pocket.

Well, this mat block colour case looks very cool and stylish. And, it also made from TPU material, Which is a fusion of plastic, elastic and rubber. All of these materials made the case strong and yet very flexible. And, case fits very well with your smartphone.

And, this case has X-Shock Air Cushion under the four corner of the case. That ensures to protect from any shock and impacts.

Well, it has 1.5 cm raised lip on the back camera. That ensures to protect your camera while you put your phone on any surface. In the same way, it protects your phone screen from scratch too.

Yet, your wireless charging works pretty fine. And, the button works perfectly without any hardness problem at all.

Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen Rugged Armor for galaxy s20 ultra 5g

This is another premium looking case that doesn’t compromise in protection at all. Especially its carbon fiber design side and bottom back and top looks very cool.

And, this case is also made from TPU materials. So, it will be flexible but yet strong that for sure. Because of that rubber material it provides good grip in the hand. Also that carbon fiber design helps to get better grip too.

Also, it has air cushion technology in the four corner to absorb shock and drop as well. And the raised lip protects back camera along with display scratching too.

Although it is a severe case to protect your smartphone, but yet it is flexible enough that there will be no problem to press the buttons at all.

And, still your wireless charging works pretty fine. What else you can expect from a rugged case for Samsung S20 Ultra?

i-Blason Ares Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

i-Blason Ares Case

If you are looking for a heavy duty case for Galaxy S20 Ultra then it might be your choice. You already know i-Blason for making top-notch phone case.

Any guess, what material it is using? Same TPU material used for this case also. So, you can guess the quality in hardness and flexibility. yet it provides good quality. And, the back is transparent. So, there is no problem to show the beauty of your smartphone at all.

All lead to a important question. How hard this can protect? It can easily handle drop from 20 feet height. Popular tech website CNET certified this for protection against dust, dirt, drops of falls. As we are too.

And, the corner edge is extra thick comes with air cushion technology to provide extra protection in your smartphone. And raised edge and bezels protect back camera and display from the direct collision. Obviously that also protect from scratching too.

Yet, button positions are precisely cut out. So, there are zero problems with pressing buttons or charging your smartphone. Talking about charging it doesn’t affect in your wireless charging at all.

Temdan Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case

Temdan for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Temdan offers almost similar like other protective cover for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. But it fits pretty perfectly and comes with screen protector too.

This case is also made from TPU materials. That makes it strong but yet very flexible. Also, it provides better grip on hand. So, your phone will not fall from your hand easily. But if it happened that shouldn’t be a big issue at all.

Since, this case offers all round protection for your smartphone. That TPU build up protect from drop that for sure. In addition, it has thick air cushion technology on the four corner to protection from shock, impact and drop as well.

As I said, it fits perfect. And buttons, charging port precise cut out. Also wireless charging has no issue at all.

But, if you put the protective layer on top of the display it may stop working under-display fingerprint unlock. And they already mentioned that too. If you don’t have that issue then it is the best case for your Samsung s20 ultra.

ArmadilloTek Vanguard

ArmadilloTek Vanguard case for galaxy s20 seris

This case is a heavy-duty case for Samsung galaxy S20 ultra 5G. Obviously it doesn’t work with smaller version of this S20 series. If you care more about protection and less about look then this one will work perfect for you.

And this sleek design case has one of the best protection in the world for your smartphone. It made based on a unibody design. Polycarbonate outer layer made this case stronger than all of the above-mentioned case. This military standard case is perfect for outdoor and survival lovers. If you often go for hiking and so on this one will work best for you.

Well, the button position cut out precisely to give you a better feeling in pressing buttons. And yet it feels comfortable in your hand to hold. Also, the kickstand allows standing phone on any surface. And, raised lips to protect phone screen and back camera as well.

And, there is no problem in wireless charging at all with this heavy-duty protective case. All of these feature, make this one of the best Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Ghostek Atomic Slim

Ghostek Atomic Slim Galaxy S20 Ultra

Here comes the first metal case for samsung galaxy s20 ultra of this list. That already indicates how much strong this case can be.

This multi layer protective case has so much to offer. First of all, the frame is made from aluminum alloy. That means case is lightweight but stronger. And the back panel is transparent to showcase your phones beauty and support wireless charging as well.

And the corners are extra protected with R7X shock technology. As a result, it protects your phone from 12 feet of drop without hurting your phone for a single scratch at all. And for scratch-proof, it comes with elevated lips design. That protects camera and display from any kind of scratches.

Well, the button, charging port, speaker grill place is precisely cutout for best fitting. And there is not a problem to press the buttons or putting a charger at all. After all of these features, the phone is still looks slim. So, the hand feels comfortable to hold the phone too.



Another heavy-duty case for Samsung galaxy S20 ultra 5G smartphone. Although it is made out of TPU not metal, yet it is much strong than previous cases.

For better protection and strength, it has multiple layers of TPU with polycarbonate materials. The design shows how strong it can be. It can survive 20 feet drop test easily. And, corners are extra protected with shock prob technology as well.

And, its elevated lips protect camera to contact with surface directly. That is very good for protecting cameras from scratches. The same thing happens with display too. But, they don’t include display protective screen. And recommend official protective screen for better fitting.

Talking about fitting, it fits pretty perfect with your samsung galaxy s20 ultra 5G phone. But doesn’t work for smaller model that for sure. And, the button position and charging port is perfectly cutout for best using experience.

And, for user experience, it comes with a rotatable holster and kickstand to enjoy media watching experience better. Yet wireless charging smoothly works with this case as well.

Samsung official Rugged Case

Samsung official Rugged Case for s20 ultra

It is always safe to get a case from official website. And, samsung didn’t disappoint at all. They made this case pretty tough but well in comfort too.

Well, its striped design looks great and yet protect from contacting with the surface too. And it provides the best grip on hand.

This protective case made out of metal frame with rubber cover outside. As because they know what is the weakest point of Samsung galaxy s20 ultra phones. They maintained to cover up that area very well. And, it elevated edge protects the camera from scratch and direct contact with the surface. That saves phone while it accidentally drops from hand or anything else. The same thing happens with the display, yet not covering a drop of the display at all.

As you can expect this one fit the best with better button pressing feelings and charging port accessibility. And, wireless charging and other wireless features such as NFC contactless payment work fine.



This is the number of our list. We make it number one for various reason. it provides the best protection against any kind of collisions.

Well outside are made out of rubber. That gives a better feeling on hand to hold. But the inner metal frame protects the phone from highest dropping as well. It has a shock probe thickest corner too. As a result, it provides 2X protection than Military standard 810G protection.

Also, the raised edge protects camera from direct contact in order to protect from scratches and drop. As well as Display gets same protection. Since display and back camera has glassed layer it is easily get scratches that reduces visibility. It is always good to protect them.

Still, it fits pretty well with your Samsung galaxy s20 ultra smartphone as well. And the button pressing is not hard at all. It works smoothly.

Yet, wireless charging works pretty fine. This one provides best wireless capability. Including, wireless charging, reverse wireless charging, NFC etc.

After all of these features phone still feels lightweight and slim. Which is not possible with lot of rugged protective case for Samsung galaxy S20 ultra.

Final Words

So these were the 10 best Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra / S20 Ultra 5G. Some people care more about looks than protection. But you guys care more about the protection that has been clear already. But we don’t want to disappoint you at all. That’s why we included the best rugged case with better looks too. That will provide the best protection along with stylish design too.