The site is a dedicated website for rugged smartphones. Our main focus is on rugged phone reviews, specifications, comparisons, we also discuss rugged products such as rugged smartwatch, rugged phone case, rugged phone accessories, and many other rugged phone-related products.

Our website has some incredibly talented writers. Who are working in the mobile communications field as experts. Also, some of the writers are ordinary mobile users who provide in-depth review from a normal user’s perspective.  

We publish most detailed reviews about rugged phones that are currently available in the market or upcoming. We give suggestions about what you have to buy and what you shouldn’t. Also provide a detailed explanation why you should get that. 

Also, we make sure that all the content of our website is specially written for us not to publish anywhere else. And, we don’t borrow any content from other websites as well. 


And, if we think some information needs to be changed then we do that in certain periods.