Conquest S12 Pro Review: A total disappointment?

If you are looking for the perfect rugged phone that can save in many ways in your outdoor work go and grab this one. Although it has a slightly higher price range. But not that high also. Conquest S12 Pro has extra walkie talkie feature for better communication in remote terrain. That makes this phone more valuable than an ordinary rugged phone out in the market right now.

Conquest S12 Pro unboxing

In this article, I will dig deep into the every aspect of this Conquest S12 Pro phone to give you an idea how it is going to be perfect one for your outdoor life. Specially you are professional outback worker then this maybe one of the top choice phone for you.

What did this phone get? Well that you have seen by reading this entire article. It will help you to gather knowledge about whether it is important for you or not. By giving an honest opinion about this phone I am here to help you with that. If you don’t wish to spend 500 dollars on your rugged phone then this might be not for you. But still, you can read it for your wish list.

Key Features

  • Rugged certifications: IP68, IP69K, MIL-STD 810G
  • Display Size: 6.21 inch AMOLED
  • Display Resolution: 1080 X 2280 Pixels
  • Processor: Mediatek Helio P70 AI 
  • GPU: ARM Mali-G72-MP3
  • Operating System: Android 9 Pie
  • Rear Camera: 13 MP
  • Front Camera: 8MP
  • Storage: 128GB (Expandable)
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Battery: 8000 mAh
  • Network: Dual 4G sim
  • Sensors:    Fingerprint, NFC, GPS, G-sensor, Proximity sensor, Compass, Geomagnetism
  • AMOLED display provides good colour accuracy and sharpness
  • Better CPU and GPU performance
  • Good storage and RAM
  • Super high-quality battery backup
  • walkie talkie with antena
  • Bad camera
  • High cost

Design and Build Quality

When you are getting a rugged phone you will get a rugged phone by any means. That is what I have to say about the design. It has just like other ordinary rugged phone design.

But that black and red combination looks really awesome to me. Although there are few color option available in the market. Well the phone is bulkier than normal phone. And definitely you will feel that by holding. It will feel like your holding a solid piece in your hand. Thanks to the weight management it does not cause pain in the hand for long time holding.

There lot of things in the back. On the top middle you will get a camera with a dual LED flash. Then there is a fingerprint scanner. After that you will get docking pins and then speaker grill at the bottom of all. They made the back quite curvy so it will feel good in the hand and provide better grip.

And, there are lot of buttons on the both side of this phone. On the right side you will get two volume keys then a power button, also a dedicated button for taking pictures or turn on the flash. By short pressing it will take pictures and long press will turn on the flash.

Left side contains two buttons also. It has one dedicated function button for emergency calling, answer call etc. Another button is for Push to talk function. All of these buttons are easy to press and tactile as well. And these buttons are made out of hard plastic.

There is a long display on the front side with big earpiece on the top. And on the left of the earpiece they places front camera. Obviously phone has thick bezels and chins. You may be thinking where is the charging port. It appears in the back on the bottom of docking pins. I gotta say that is quite innovative failure. That makes phone less use able while it charging.

And the last there has a antena on the top for walkie talkie. it is quite long in the size.

Rugged features

When you are spending 500 dollars on a phone you don’t want to consider anything at all. Specially when it comes to rugged features there is nothing you can compromise. Happy to inform you that you don’t have to. It has everything that you can expect. On the contrary you will get more than an ordinary rugged phone.

Conquest S12 Pro

It has IP68 rating for water and dust protection. That is highest rating of that for right now. That means your phone can survive 1.5 meter deep in the water for 30 minutes and can not attack and get dirty by any means. Whatever you go how dirty or muddy that place can be your phone will be fine.

It also has IP69K rated protection for temperature. It can be operate anywhere between -30°C to 70°C temperature without damaging your phone. I bet you can not bare that temperature on your own. That is why it has glove mode to operate phone perfect during super cold or super hot situation.

Also it has military standard 810G rated protection for drop and shockproof. It will keep your phone safe from any daily life drop without scratching your phone at all.

Phone is made out of high-quality aluminum alloy. It allows to keep phone weight low but hold the similar strength. Outer body is covered by hard plastic for better grip and dust protection.

Overall it come up with rugged enough to convince you to buy this phone. There is nothing to complain at all.


Since you are spending too much money (according to rugged phone market) you will get better performance in the phone too. But unfortunately this is not the top end rugged phone based on its performance. Not to worry though, it does not differs very much in performance.

Conquest S12 Pro comes with Mediatek Helio P70 Octa core processor that is the one of the popular mid budget processor in the market right now. It will give you enough fast experience in your daily life. Also you can play heavy games like PUBG mobile or COD mobile without getting any lag. But these games will run on medium graphics.

Well, talking about the graphics they did not disclose that anywhere. But by its performance its look like this a a ARM MALI G72 GPU. It renders apps smoothly without any issue.

On the storage section you will get maximum 6GB RAM and 128GB onboard storage. That high end RAM allows to do smooth multi tasking without running out RAM. And I think 128GB storage is enough for regular use. Still, there is an option for expanding memory up to 2TB via a external memory.

All of these hardware runs on Android 9 pie operating system. Overall it provides smooth and fastest daily life using experience. In case you are a heavy phone user I should inform you this phone can handle everything that you are going to do. But it will make your phone hot. But it is common for most of the phone in the market.

In this price point, there was a possibility to put Helio P90 processor but they ignored that somehow. Still this is not bad hardware setup to pull better performance. You will not see any performance issue in this phone.


Conquest S12 Pro has 6 inch IPS LCD display on the top. It has 1080 X 2160 pixels resolution. That makes it 18:9 aspect ratio display. It is good to know that this is not a notch display. So you will get full view of display without obstructing by punch hole or water drop notch.

Conquest S12 Pro display

Display has enough brightness and good color gamut. But there has some dull looking issue which shows its sharpness issue.

And there was no problem to use it in direct sunlight. Since most of the time you will operate this phone in outdoor display should has to be bright enough to watch everything perfectly.

That does not bother in this display at all. Also it has corning gorilla glass 5 on the top of the display. That protects phone from regular scratches or any hard press on the display. It is necessary for any rugged phone. Now you don’t have spend any bucks to put a corning gorilla glass on the display.

Watching media content in this display is a smooth experience. Not the top end but it is good enough. Also there was no problem for me in touch response issue. It also contains multi touch option. That helps to play certain type of games.

I just want to say it is a good display but not the best display for rugged phone. It is just a good display with large size.


I think this is the most disappoint section of this phone. When you are spending 500 dollars on a phone you can not expect a single camera setup on the backside of phone.

Conquest S12 Pro back camera

This conquest S12 has a single 20 MP phase detection auto focus camera on the back side. Camera is good though. It capture good amount of sharpness and details in the phone. Also saturation looks good too.

There was no issue in auto focus system. It works very fast and accurate. And it can record 1080P resolution video at 30 frames per second.

Conquest S12 Pro front camera

On the front side it has 13 MP selfie camera. Among all the rugged phones this is one of the selfie cameras. It can produce good quality selfie without any doubt.

Still, I am not satisfied with the camera setup at all. I hoped more from conquest when they asked 500 dollar for this phone.


While you are disappointed by camera you should be happy for its batter capacity and charging system. This thing make me happy after seeing a disaster camera performance.

Conquest S12 Pro battery

Conquest S12 Pro has 8000 mAh battery in it. Surely it will run for than 3 days for your regular use. Even if you do heavy task on the phone it can go for 2 days without having second time charge to the phone.

Conquest S12 Pro wireless charging

There are three different option for charging. First of all, it has Wireless charging system. That is obvious because it is a 500 dollar phone and you can expect it anyway. But, there is docking charging option that is quite surprising for me. It charge you phone so fast. If you still not convinced then there has USB type C port for regular charging as well. For such a large size it takes less than four hour to get full charge.

So in the battery back section or charging I do not have any complain. But I it should be good to have faster charging option.


You will get dual 4G sim option if you are not willing to expand your phone memory. This phone supports VOLTE network. That is one of the fastest one in the 4G network section. You can talk and browse internet at the same time with this phone. And you will get dual band WiFi and bluetooth 4.2 as well.

There are some dedicated apps for outdoor. It will help you in many ways. Check that apps in following picture.

Also it has NFC for contactless payment such as google pay and others as well.

Conquest S12 Pro walkie talkie

As I said, it has walkie talkie for wireless talking without costing money. It allows you to talk someone from 5 KM away without any disturbance. And also support free SMS as well.

Navigation system is also pretty accurate on this phone. Also it has fingerprint sensor on the back that works pretty fast. And, fingerprint position is in the perfect place. You can unlock the phone with face unlocking system too.


Unless you need that Walkie talkie function I would not recommend this phone to by any means. Although it has everything that you are looking for. Still it has bad camera. Above all this is not a 500 dollar phone. I will definitely recommend it if the price was 300-350 USD.

So, if you do not need walkie talkie then there are more option to spend your 500 dollars and get one of the best performance rugged phones that out in the market. But some of you really need walkie talkie, that helps them in their regular works. Then it is the right choice for them without any doubt.