Cubot King Kong CS Review: A Under $100 Rugged Phone

Cubot is another very popular company in rugged phone market. And, they have some gorgeous phone that can blow every rugged phone lovers mind. Cubot King Kong CS is on of the newest edition phone to their rugged phone line up. And, this phone cost just under 90 US dollars. So, now that matter of fact is, what is Cubot offering in this phone in this price range. And, is it really worth of its money. And, how impact this phone can do in the rugged phone market.

Everything you can ask for will be answered throughout this post. So, this is the in depth review of Cubot King Kong CS. But as usual, I have to remind to compare this phone with same price range phones not to flagship phones.

  • Very good battery backup
  • Best quality rugged features
  • the latest version of Android that provides a good user experience.
  • Waterproof
  • High and low-Temperature proof
  • Solid build quality
  • Low-quality processor
  • The camera is not good.
  • No official declaration of shockproof

Cubot King Kong CS Features

  • Rugged certifications: IP68, IP69K, MIL-STD 810G
  • Display Size: 5.0 inch IPS LCD
  • Display Resolution:1280 x 720 (294 PPI)
  • Processor: MT6580, 1.3GHz Quad-Core
  • GPU: Mali-400 MP
  • Operating System: Android 10 Go edition
  • Rear Camera: 13MP rear Camera
  • Front Camera: 8MP
  • Storage: 16GB (Expandable up to 64GB)
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Battery: 4400 mAh
  • Network: Dual 3G sim
  • Sensors: GPS, A-GPS, Light sensor, Distance sensor, G-sensor, Magnetic. Face ID

Design & Build Quality

Sometime I question myself, how these company can make this phone that kind of hard and strong! As a tech blogger it is really surprising for me to see such a high build quality.

Talking about the build quality, this phone has a clear metal body with a fusion of hard plastic. Both sides are covered with metal attached by 4 screws. It makes the phone body more strong and more shockproof. Also, the phone corners are thick to make it more shockproof than usual phones. But this is pretty normal in rugged phones.

This a small size phone with a small display. But according to price range, this is enough. As we’ve seen in Ulefone Armor X7. This phone has the same dimension and display. But the bottom chin seems longer. I don’t know why. But, as far as I can guess this is for making the phone more strong and drop-proof.

On the back, there is a camera on the middle top side along with LED flash. And there is a huge speaker grill in the bottom part of the back. The middle part of the back is a bit thicker. Since I haven’t torn down I can’t actually say anything about that. But backside is full with a lot of screws to tighten up the phone make it stronger than you think. While normal phone attaches back just with glue which is less strong for obvious.

There is a power button on the right side made out of hard plastic. And, volume keys above of that. These keys are cutout from metal side plates. Button position seems okay and these button are easy to press.

On the front side there is 5 inch display with huge chins and bezels. Along with front camera on the top. Also, the microphone in the front part of the phone not in bottom.

And, charging port (Micro USB) on the top side of the phone along with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. These low-budget rugged phones are containing headphone jack. While most of the flagship and mid-budget phone doesn’t contain headphone jack anymore.

So, by the design this phone doesn’t look so cute as usual phones. Rather than they are focusing to make a rugged phone by build quality and looks.

Rugged Features

Well, this phone have some good rugged features but not the best. Within same price range Ulefone Armor X7 has everything that a rugged phone need. But I think this phone cutout some money by not getting official certifications.

So, this phone has the IP68 rating for dust and waterproof. That means it no dust can affect on your phone just wipe out phone with any normal cloths dust will be gone. Also it can survive 1.5 meter depth of water for 30 minutes. That helps to swim with the phone or keep using phone while raining.

Cubot King Kong CS can survive -35 ℃ to + 60 ℃ temperature. Whether you are in the middle of snow or hot desert this phone will work perfectly fine. That let you to do all of your extreme work in extreme condition and still connected with other via your rugged phone.

But, this phone did not mention about the drop and shockproof. But, in our test, it just worked fine as other rugged phones. It can survive daily accidental drops. We tested several times with different heights (1m-3m) and the phone was unscratched for every time. Every official certification requires a certain amount of money. Maybe due to very low budget they tried to get rid of that official certification just to keep phone price low.

But as a customers point of view, I’d like to get official certification in my rugged phone to ensure about the rugged quality. Because everyone can’t just rely on unofficial declaration and let phone out in the extreme condition.

So, that is the downside and makes this phone less attractive.But in our test we saw no differences at all.

Still, this phone has official IP68 rated water and dust proof rating. And, for a phone that cost less than 90 dollars has official IP68 rating is not bad all.


Cubot King Kong CS has 5 inch IPS LCD display on the front. This is just a regular old-fashioned 16:9 aspect ratio display with huge space on the bottom and top. Clearly they can reduce that space for sure.Well, the display has 1280 x 720 pixel resolution with 294 pixels per inch. This is a very ordinary display with normal resolution. But due to smaller size display this resolution doesn’t bother at all. On the contrary, it seems great! Color accuracy and scrolling is smooth enough.

Display has 16M color as like any normal display with 90% color NTSC color saturation. Also the display has 450 nits brightness. That is really high brightness power for this range of phone. In daylight uses there is no problem to use in direct sunlight. Display brightness is way better to reduce that problem.

There is no problem in resolution or display size. But I have a complaint about huge empty space on the top and bottom. They could fix that issue.


Well as you can guess power this kind of phone can provide. It shouldn’t top-notch processor in the market. That is true, this Cubot King Kong CS rugged phone has very ordinary processor that well justified with its price. Also, they’ve got good optimization in the software too.

So, Cubot King Kong CS has MediaTek 6580 Quad Core CPU with 1.3 GHz frequency rate. You can call it flagship level CPU for this price range. Yes, for cheap price range this is the best CPU that your money can get. And, this CPU backing with Mali 400MP GPU for rendering graphics perfectly.

As we’ve seen in same price range phone Ulefone Armor X7 this one also has 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage. Undoubtedly it will require external storage. That is why this phone comes with dedicated memory card slot for expanding phone storage up to 64 GB.

That is quite good. But, At least they could put an option for maximum 128 GB external storage. Maybe because of that cheap processor they didn’t want to put too much pressure on the phone. And, tried to keep balance in the performance.

And, in the software section they’ve latest android 10 operating system. Which will take lot of space in the phone storage as a software but it will give the latest and smooth user experience.

Since, they’ve added external memory to the phone I think that running out low phone storage problem should not bother you at all.

But since this is a cheap processor don’t ever try to play hardcore games like PUBG mobile, Asphalt, COD Mobile, etc. Your phone may not handle that very well. And, it will smart idea to avoid these high-end games.

In daily uses, this processor can handle every task perfectly. And, there will be no lag or other heating issue if you handle your phone software carefully. For regular job, calling, GPS, shooting pictures, Watching media contents, listening music works fine. Also, low end games runs smoothly. Instagram, reddit, twitter runs on regular version but you have to use lite version for facebook messenger.


For the camera Cubot King Kong CS added 13 megapixel camera at the rear of phone. They didn’t provide too much data about the camera. But I assume it is something from Samsung lenses. Because they are pretty good for supplying low budget camera lens. But as usual, these lenses has over saturated and punchier color. Although not bad in quality.

Back camera can shoot 1080p video at 30 frames per second.

On the front side, there is an 8-megapixel selfie camera. Which is surprisingly good. Selfies are looked sharp and well-balanced color. And, this camera can shoot 720p video.

But, the camera UI is pretty good. They are using stock android version camera APP. As you know this is pretty user-friendly and easy to use.

Overall, this Cubot King Kong CS camera is good to take daily photos. But don’t expect good quality photo. Although photo quality is tolerable but video quality is not good at all.


This Cubot King Kong CS played a master stroke at the battery. They’ve added a 4400 mAh removable battery. With power, it seems well according to any phones in the market. But, you have to think about the power this phone consumes. Due to low powered CPU and GPU obviously it will consume less power than normal smartphones.

And, that is why this phone runs very well with this battery than the other same battery-powered phone with a high-end processor.

To be precise, this phone can run more than two days in regular uses. So, wherever you will go phone will stay active and keep you connected with civilization.

But due to low charging capability it took time to get charged. As you all know micro USB port can not provide enough power for quick charge. So, it will take time to get full charged.

Since phone can run two days with single charge it won’t be a big issue at all.


Cubot King Kong CS has a dual mini sim card with dual 3G standby. And, this network performs well in obstacle terrain such as deep in the forest or middle of the sea.

Also, rugged phone requires good navigation system as well. This phone has GPS and A-GPS sensor for that. These sensors provide accurate location info.

Also this phone support face ID unlock system. That is good but not the best. Since it uses front camera to unlock the device it is not up to the mark secured. I prefer to not use this often. Regular lock provides better security.


If you are professional and often go for extreme condition then this phone might to low-quality for you. It would be better for you to get something professional level. But, if you need a rugged phone for very few times in a year. Mostly for hiking and other extreme condition then this one is perfect one to give it a try.

Cubot King Kong CS has well potentiality according to its price. With less than 90 dollars Cubot put so many features that any normal phone with this price range can’t provide. So, if you are not rugged phone lover but looking to get a cheap budget phone you can try this one. You will get every feature like other phones but you will get water resistant and other rugged features as bonus.

Although the design may bother you. clearly this is not cute looking phone at all. It looks like handling some muscle man in the hand. If you have no problem with that then obviously you can go for it.