Doogee S40 Lite Rugged Smartphone Review

Doogee S40 Lite is a leading rugged phone for all environment. It owns 5.5” display alongside 8+5Mp cameras with Quad-core 1.3 GHz CPU

Doogee S40 Lite


Doogee S40 Lite is one of the rugged phones that come with the latest features and advantages. Regardless of your working condition and weather, you can smartly use the phone to communicate. You can add additional storage in case of necessity.
Enjoying videos or music, getting the directions using the compass and application of other features to make it a perfect one.

– Corning Gorilla glass
– All smartphone sensors
– Dual sim operations
– Waterproof, weatherproof, dustproof
– Shock absorbent

– RAM is lower than usual smartphones
– No wireless charging feature

Using a mobile phone is not a luxury in the present days. Instead, mobile phones are necessities. We need the devices to communicate, entertainment and for many other reasons. But using a rugged phone like Doogee S40 Lite is an exception.

This is a phone that comes with specific features and advantages. Though the price is not higher, you will get some excellent performance from the phone of this brand. At the same time, they are durable. Falling from hand will have fewer impacts on the phones while they are weatherproof as well.

Let’s check the features in detail below.

  • Waterproof : Under 1.5m for 30 Minutes
  • Dustproof :  99%
  • Drop-proof : 1.2m
  • Temperature : -20°C to 60°C
  • Display size :  5.5”
  • Display resolution : 480X960 pxl 
  • Display type : IPS
  • Processor (CPU) : Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7
  • GPU : Mali-400 MP2
  • Ram and Rom : 2GB 16 GB
  • Battery : 4650mAh (Non-removable)
  • Network : Nano Sim, Dual Sim
  • Rear camera : 8MP
  • Front camera : 5MP


The Design

The design of the phone is impressive. It comes with a structure to protect the inner parts with great care. Moreover, the design is the perfect one for a rugged phone. The frame is made with durable metal. So, you need no worries about the durability of the phone structure.

At the same time, the design prevents water damages. Being a rugged phone, this is a common feature of this device. The phone comes with a healthy body that can also endure shocks of falling in the ground. So, you are free of worries again if you are working in an outdoor environment.
This is a perfect phone for those working in the heavy industries where chances of falling are higher. Besides, dropping phones is another common phenomenon in those industries as working people cannot pay attention to their phones. In such a condition, you cannot find a better phone than this one.

Application of polycarbonate and metal plays a vital role in this phone. The manufacturer has added the metals and other elements to make it a solid one with optimum performance. Even if the phone drops, it will not have scratches on the back, body or in the display. There is corner protection with the phone which can prevent the scars.


The Display

The display of the phone is large. It comes with a 5.5 inches display while the resolution is 480X 960 megapixels. So, you can enjoy a wide variety of applications. Usually, the rugged phones do not come with such a large display or resolution. Hence, you will get some specific advantage with this phone.

Multi-touch is the other feature of the display that enables to perform several tasks at a time. Most of such rugged phones lack this feature in particular. Thereby, you are having another benefit of the modern smartphone in this device.

Moreover, as the phone runs with the Android operating system, you can also enjoy the other android features with the display. Watching music videos or enjoying a movie is not a big deal here. The screen style is attractive, too, while the screen resolution will never be distorted.

Doogee S40 Lite



The camera is another component that needs attention here. The front camera is 5MP while the rear camera is 8MP. They are sufficient to capture images in bad weather or an oppressive industrial environment.

If you need some selfies, you can use the front camera, while for other shots, you can use the rear camera. The rear camera comes with an auto focus feature. So, you are free of adjusting the camera focus manually. The auto focus feature will set the focus automatically, and your photo object will have a clear appearance.

Besides, the LED flash is another addition to this communication device. You can have the brightest flash with the LED bulbs installed in this mobile phone. But the other similar phones do not provide the same feature.

Doogee S40 Lite



Now, let’s have some discussion about the battery. Remember, this is a specialized phone, and thus the battery is highly durable. The battery comes with 4650mAh. So, you are also free of worries about charging the phone like the other smartphones.

Most importantly, the battery needs less charging but provides an optimum level of backup. Besides, the battery is non-removable. It helps to cut the worry for replacing the battery or adjusting the battery position to transfer power in the mobile.



Performance and operation

The overall performance is also up to the mark.
This Doogee S40 Lite is an android device, and you can upgrade the version to the next level too. After unboxing the device, you will find it running with Android OS v9.0 (Pie). For the ideal performance, it comes with the chipset of Mediatek MT6580M.

Interestingly, the CPU of the device is Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7 with the GPU is Mali-400 MP2. If you have the slightest idea about the CPU and GPU, you will realize how fast the device is. In fact, you can operate the phone alongside all the features in the coldest months of the year.
The device is also certified from IP68 for its dustproof and waterproof features.

Doogee S40 Lite



Doogee S40 Lite comes with a 2GB RAM. The RAM is not expandable. Besides, it’s internal memory or ROM is 16 GB and this quite sufficient for a smartphone of this category. 

On the other part, the device comes with a built-in GPS receiver. So, if you are seeking the option of navigation in an unfamiliar street or place, you can quickly get GPS support. By finding the exact geographical location, you can meet all your needs.

It also can transfer and receive data and content from Near Field Communications devices. 

The radio receiver is the other advantage to make it a must for everyone. You can spend your leisurely hours be listening to your favorite channels. Or if you are on the go, you can do the same.

Doogee S40 Lite



The phone also supports 2G/ 3G and 4G mobile networks in line with GSM 850/900/1800/1900. You can also connect it through wireless connection like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, among others.
Charging the device is simple too. It has a USB port that you can use for charging. Besides, the port also plays the role of a data transferring option. With the data cable (cum charger), you can transfer the data and content of this phone to a computer or vice versa.



Alongside the best level of performance, the phone comes with some other features. It has the usual smartphone sensors. The accelerometer can measure the motion while the fingerprint sensor is the other feature. Anyone cannot get access to this phone when the fingerprint sensor is on.

Using the proximity sensor, the display turns off when it is close to your face. This is another way to reduce the consumption of battery as well. Besides, there is a compass on the phone to determine the directions.