Doogee S70 Lite Rugged Smartphone Review

Doogee S70 Lite

When you are looking for a higher specification with a rugged phone, this Doogee S70 Lite is the perfect one. It offers some surprising specifications, but the price of the phone is lower. 

On the other part, this is the first rugged gaming device. It’s a benefit for the phone users, indeed. Even if you are a professional gamer, you can use the device to run your games smoothly. 

The most important issue is that this is a full HD resolution phone with a full screen capable of portraying the exact pixels you need to have.
Let’s dive inside the phone to know more.

Doogee S70 Lite
  • Display size : 5.99”
  • Display resolution : 1080 X 2160 FHD+
  • Display type : IPS
  • Rear camera : 13.0 MP+8.0MP
  • Aperture : F/ 2.2
  • Front camera : 8.0 MP; F/2.0;
  • Aperture : F/ 2.0
  • Battery : 5500mAh
  • Network : GSM, WCDMA
  • Waterproof : Yes
  • Dustproof : Yes
  • Drop-proof : Yes
  • Temperature : No
  • Processor (CPU) : Helio P23 Octa-core 2.5GHz 
  • GPU  : ARM Mali G71 MP2 770MHz 
  • Ram and Rom : 4GB RAM, 64 GB ROM



The design of this phone is highly attractive. You will love the corner-less design. It has no corner which will bring an aesthetic feel. Moreover, it comes with rubber bumpers. So, accidental falls in the ground will have less impact on the phone. The metal panels also will help to increase the longevity of the phone.

Doogee S70 Lite

In a nutshell, the design is capable of withstanding different tough conditions which the usual smartphones are unable to cope with. So, it would be an excellent buy for you. Due to the solid design, the phone has achieved IP69K certification. It points out that this phone can prevent dust and water entrance.


The Display

The screen size is 5.99 inches. So, you are getting a moderately larger screen. Gaming on this phone is on the peak only for the screen and its resolution. The resolution of the phone is 1080 X 2160 pixels. Consequently, you will get a fantastic view of images, games and movies.

Doogee S70 Lite

Besides, the display comes with a gorilla glass protection which ensures the strength of the device. Many of the professional gamers prefer the phone for the high resolution. The gaming characters and events become live before the player. Moreover, due to the rugged casing in this phone, the screen remains protected all the time. Even major fall cannot press any scratch on the screen.


Processor and operation

Not all rugged phones are capable of running smoothly as they lack a strong processor. The users will have a unique experience here. It comes with Helio P23 Octa-core 2.5GHz. And it points out that you will get immense speed in the operation of the phone.

Doogee S70 Lite

Moreover, gaming is more comfortable due to processor speed. Interestingly, the device will not get heated even after operating for hours. Metal sheet cooling module and the high-speed processor can handle the pressure from the user-end. In the end, you can enjoy watching videos or stream something without any major interruption.

Doogee S70 Lite


Smart buttons

Most of the cases, the phone buttons are from plastic materials. Generally, the plastic buttons are durable. But metal is more durable than plastic. Thereby, the manufacturer has applied metal buttons on the side of the phone.

Doogee S70 Lite

When you need to move in a gaming mode, you can press the button to move into the mode instantly. Moreover, you can reassign the button function based on needs. The power button is also standard and works with light touching.

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Storage and memory

This Doogee S70 Lite comes with a 4 GB RAM. So, you will get high speed in browsing, gaming, watching movies and other activities. Internet browsing often is hindered due to the low RAM capacity. But that would be fun now. You will have the optimum performance even with the slowest data connection.

Doogee S70 Lite

The device has 64 GB storage. The space is sufficient for storing various types of data and information. You can store all your necessary information, images, games, songs, movies and others. Therefore, it would be nice when you get all the elements in a single place.



The camera is the other impressive aspect of this camera. Usually, rugged phone manufacturers focus on phone construction to make it durable. But in line with the durability, you will get a clearer camera. The front camera of this mobile is eight mega pixels with an aperture of F/ 2.0. And the rear cameras are 13 mega pixels and eight mega pixels with an aperture of F/ 2.2.

Doogee S70 Lite

Thus, you can click some of the masterpieces using the cameras. Due to a higher mega pixel, the selfie also would be lively and bright. Besides, you can use the camera for professional photography as well.



Moreover, if you need extended battery life, this is the perfect phone. It comes with a large battery capacity of 5500mAh. So, you can use the phone for more hours than the usual phones. If you use the device for gaming, you can do it for over 10 hours. The talking time of the phone is 80 hours while it can be in standby mode for over 700 hours.

Doogee S70 Lite

As a result, you are free of worries about charging the phone frequently. Further, you can enjoy hassle-free gaming or enjoying movies and music.


Phone Security

In the other part, you will get some strong level of security from this phone. The Doogee S70 Lite comes with a fingerprint sensor alongside the face recognition. Therefore, none else can get access to your phone without your permission. Besides, you can use the touch screen while using gloves too. 

Therefore, tight security is ensured for your phone. This is the most common feature of the other available smartphones in the market.


Network and connectivity

The Doogee S70 Lite is compatible with 3G and 4G networks. Besides, the device comes with a built-in GPS. Using the Near Field Communication feature, you can also communicate with the other similar types of devices. This device is also compatible with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth while it has a radio receiver too.
So, when you are not in the mood of getting online, you can remain offline and enjoy music through the radio.

Simultaneously, the phone comes with several necessary sensors like accelerometer, a compass, light sensor, gyroscope, and proximity sensor. At the same time, the IP68 certification is also present to remove your woes. Wireless charging is another plus that many of such devices do not have.


Final words 

Therefore, this Doogee S70 Lite is a great rugged phone within your budget that will help to make your day lovely. You will have all the smart features and advantages. Longer life and crystal clear image and sound are your constant companions with the phone.