The Best Feature rugged mobile phones 2020 – waterproof and shockproof basic phone

We talked a lot about the rugged phone on our website. But this is the list of best rugged basic phones. Basic phones are also known as a feature phone. There are no high-quality camera video calling or other smartphone features. They are just simple phones with some basic features for calling, messaging etc. So, here we present best rugged basic phones with IP68 rated waterproof and many more exciting rugged features.

We picked these phones based on their features and price range. Also, durability, after-sale service considered before putting into the 7 best rugged basic phone list.

ioutdoor T1 

ioutdoor T1 feature phone

Let’s start this list with ioutdoor T1 model. From the look you can tell how tough this phone can be.

The body made out of TPU materials. These materials are strong but yet flexible. So, this phone meant to be strong and shockproof. Also, it has dustproof and ip68 rated waterproof too. And, when you are talking about rugged phone then it should have to be enough tough and weatherproof to survive any harsh climate that can possibly our mother earth can do. That is what this phone is capable off.

Well, as a feature phone it doesn’t have any exciting features except calling, video and music playing with FM radio. But if we talk about the calling which is the most important part for this phone this phone works very good! And also it’s loud and crystal clear sound let you enjoy good music too.

There is a 2.4-inch IPS display with very low resolution but enough for this kind of phone.

Feature phones are always meant to be good in battery backup. That is why, this phone has 2100 mAh battery which will run 10 days easily without any doubt that I can assure you. No matter wherever you go with this phone you will come back home with phone alive.

It also has a 2MP back camera which is able to capture images and videos. Although I don’t think you are gonna use that. But in case you need to take pictures it can do the job.

Vkworld Stone V3

Vkworld Stone V3

This phone is identical with previous one by its design. But there’s lot of improvement under the hood.

If we talk about the design, this phone is also made out of TPU materials. As you know these materials are flexible yet strong. That’s ensures shockproof, dustproof to become a perfect rugged phone. If we talk about the official rating, it does came with IP68 rated protection against dust and water. That means, you can swim with this phone or accidentally drop it into the water without worrying about any damage.

Previous phone had dual 2G Sim slot but this phone has triple sim card slot in it. And, a memory card slot that can extent phone storage upto 8GB with micro SD card.

As you know, you probably thinking about get this phone mostly for outdoor use. Where normal phone network doesn’t perform well at all. But this phone has very strong signal capability which will keep you alive in and connect with civilization anyway. And it has good quality sound with MP3 player feature. That will be good company for you in the alone road. As it has a torch light on the top of phone with enough brightness.

Same as the previous one it also has a 2.4 Inch IPS display. It has not bright enough for daylight but it works.

And, they claimed this phone as power bank for very specific reason. First think is the battery capacity. It has 3000 mAh battery in it. That will run 15 days without any doubt. Also it has USB power output. In any emergency situation you can power up your smartphone with it. But I’ll not recommend to do that often unless it is emergency.

There’s a 2MP camera also included in the back to capture images. Don’t ask about the quality though.

ioutdoor F2

 ioutdoor F2 basic phone

I never though about a rugged flip phone until I saw this one. Design wise, this is the cutest phone so far of this list.

This phone is also made out of TPU materials. That makes it strong yet flexible. And phone is shock and dust proof too. Also, it is IP68 rated waterproof too. You might thinking a flip phone can not be so strong, but trust me you will change your mind after holding this phone in your hand. It’ll feel solid and rugged.

There is improvement in the network connectivity too. It has dual SIM card slot with regular SIM size but it has 3G network connection capability.

And, there are two displays on the phone. The main display is the same 2.4 Inch display. And a secondary display on the top of the phone for showing time and quick notifications.

Also, there is a 0.3 MP camera too with a flash light.

As for the features. it has MP3 player, FM radio. Internet, Photo editor and other basic phone features.

But compare previous two phone it has small size battery on it. Although this 1200 mAh battery enough for this kind of phone. I think due to flip design they couldn’t afford to put better battery in order to keep the phone price low.



AGM is one of the big name in rugged phone industry. And they’ve done a pretty good job on this phone.

By holding this phone or seeing this phone you can feel it’s solidness. I didn’t find any official clarification about building material. But it is hard plastic combined with metal. And, its IP68 rating says it will be enough dust and waterproof. And, there is a dedicated torch light button on the side.

There is improved 2.8 Inch IPS LCD display on it. display is protected by hard plastic on the top of the display.

Well, this is a android operating system feature rugged phone. But that is not like your smartphone android operating system. It is simplified for feature phones.

And, there is snapdragon 210 processor with 1GB ram and 8GB ROM. For a feature rugged phone, this is huge hardware. Not only that this phone supports 4G network too. And there is two mini sim card slot and a micro SD card slot in the phone.

Although there is front and back camera but exact resolution wasn’t disclosed.

And, it has 2500 mAh battery in it. That gonna last long enough for single trip for sure. And, it has USB type C charging port for fast charging.

Caterpillar CAT B30 


This is slightly small size rugged basic phone. That makes is ideal choice for those who likes small phones. But that doesn’t compromise with the rugged features at all.

Although the body is not large it enough sturdy and made out of hard plastic. Also, there some metal on the side of the body. And, this phone is dustproof and IP67 rated waterproof. Due to the small size, it weighs just 101 grams. That will give you a feeling of holding nothing. But, there is a downside to the small size too. Button sizes are very small and not very comfortable to press. It’ll take time to get used to small buttons.

There’s a 2 Inch display on the front with decent brightness.

Well. this phone comes with same features like other basic phones. Such as, music listening video playing, capturing image or recording video as well.

For that it has 2MP camera camera on the back. Also, it has Dual sim card slot with 3G network capability. There’s SD card slot too for expanding phone storage up to 32 GB.

And, 1000 mAh battery of this phone can able to give you maximum 6 hours of talk time.



This is an huge upgrade from B30 model. Almost double with everything has in the previous model. That is why this is the number 2 position of our list.

Starting with the design. At a first look it seems like B30 with larger in size and everything.

And, it had IP68 rated water and dustproof to give you access to use it the sand storm or deep in the water. Also, it has MIL-STD 810 rated shockproof. It can easily handle any drop from 6 feet in height. As a rugged phone, there is no more feature you can expect from this phone.

It has 2.4 Inch QVGA display. But what about the other features?

This Phone runs on KaiOS operating system. As for the processor it came with Snapdragon 8905 Dual-Core 1.3GHz processor. And it has 512MB Ram and 4GB internal storage. You can expand that storage via a dedicated memory card slot.

Talking about the slot, it has dual sim card slot with 4G network capability.

It has same features as other basic phone but also has GPS function too.

There’s vast improvement in the battery too. Cat B35 has 2300 mAh battery that can easily last for more than 10 days on this phone.

And, it has 2MP camera for taking pictures.


DuraXV EXTREME feature phone

In the top position we picked DuraXV EXTREME from Kyocera Mobile. Even if you are no rugged phone fan but loves flip phone this phone will attract you with everything.

First thing the design. It rather looks like normal phone than rugged. Very stylish in looking with all of the necessary rugged features. As for the vibration shock and drop protection it has military standard 810G certification for handling more than 2 meter drop without any scratch.

And, it has IP68 rated protection for dust and water. That means you it can run well after drowning into 2m depth of water for 20 minutes.

There’s emergency button on the side of phone which you can setup as you want.

And, there is dual display in the phone. Main display is 2.6 Inch QVGA display and secondary display is 1 inch black and white display for showing time and other quick notifications.

For performance it has Quad core processor on it. That runs on AOSP operating system. In the storage section it has 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. And, you can expand that phone storage up to 512GB via micro SD card.

Also, there is dual SIM card slot with 4G network. And bluetooth, WiFi and other necessary features also included as well.

1770 mAh battery of this phone can run well enough to give you more than 7 days backup without any doubt.

And, there is 5MP camera can capture good quality image compare to other rugged feature phones. But, you can get not camera version too.


So, that was the list of 7 best rugged basic phone that you can currently get. Feature phones are basically a backup phone that allow you to stay connected with the other in any situation. With that perspective these phone works amazing. And, these phone are cheap in price too.